For the record

  1. I “lost” or “failed” the National Novel Writing Month. Or, at least, that’s how the hardcore NaNoWriMos would put it. I wrote over 13,000 words in about ten writing sessions throughout November. That’s 13,000 more words of fiction than I’ve written in seven years, so, I feel pretty good about it. I may or may not go back to my story. I have a feeling that editing it will lead to me basically rewriting it since I was going in directions and describing stuff I never would have written if it not for that pesky word count. But the whole thing has definitely renewed my interest in writing.
  2. Lars and the Real Girl” isn’t all that great. It’s not that I found the whole town befriending his non-sexual girlfriend doll unbelievable. What I found unbelievable was the well-to-do African-American family in this Wisconsin small town. I’ve been to many Wisconsin small towns, and grew up in one. I can honestly say that what few African-American families live in those kinds of towns are not that affluent. It reeks of tokenism, and it’s not even used very well. The director or writer could have connected the outsiders: the black family and the dude dating a doll. But that didn’t happen. And I felt like cutie Ryan Gosling was over-acting, though my thespian friend accompanying me wasn’t so sure.
  3. Snow storms on nights when you’re supposed to go play Rock Band SUCK.
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