Lists of 2007 – Part 2

Now for the second installment of my ’07 lists, I bring you where my money went and my take on music videos because I like giving out imaginary awards.

Recipient of Most of My Money

Apple: My biggest purchase this year was an iMac, the day they came out. I’m very happy with it. Other than some usability issues, the computer and operating system itself has caused me no problems, unlike Windows does every damn day. I’m still finding things I want to do that I wish I had a third party Windows app for (mainly because there are fewer free Mac apps), but I’m making do. I also made three calendars & one book using iPhoto, which appears to be all iPhoto is good for. The book was greatly appreciated, as I’m sure the calendars will be at Christmas. It’s the geek’s craft. This year I purchased about 10 albums from iTunes, two of which were double albums. You’re welcome, Apple.

Music Videos

Best: Ayo Technology – 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake. I hate 50 Cent’s music normally, but this song is okay. I think it’s Timbaland, which would explain why it’s awesome. But it’s the video that really got me on MTV as I ate my breakfast for about a week. I love the little flickers and camera weirdness going on. I think that’s the technical term anyway. YouTube does not do it justice. Too many pixels Check it out on VH1 here.

Worst: Wait for You – Elliott Yamin. Oh Elliott, you certainly do look better than you did on your American Idol debut, but hello 1994 video quality? It seriously looks like a lame student film project from the 1990s. YouTube quality sucks again so check it out here.

Next time you’ll get to find out which musicians or albums went under my radar until this year. Don’t pee your pants in excitement quite yet, but feel free to remove them.

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    • Springer
    • December 14th, 2007 1:00pm

    I haven’t seen either of these videos but I’ll have to check them out. Two of my favorites were Justice D.A.N.C.E. and Kanye West “Good Life.”

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