Trend Update

I’ve been busy with little to show for it, except this list.


  • M83 – Saturdays = Youth: An album I wouldn’t like by its definition (new wave), but I absolutely adore it. The female voice is so pristine and even the last 11-minute long track based on like four notes is intriguing. Along similar lines, the new Portishead doesn’t suck, thank God.
  • 10,000 Maniacs – Our Time in Eden: I was really into this album in high school, based mostly off the lower-top 40 hit and its video, “Candy Everybody Wants“. I have fond memories of mowing lawn to this album. I think “Noah’s Dove” is the best song on the album. I lurve pianos in pop/rock, and this delicate riff puts in a trance every time. Which leads me to the last album I purchased…
  • Elton John – Honky Chateau: What a great album! It’s the one with “Rocketman” and of course “Honky Cat”. It lives up to its name — all the songs have a country twinge, which I’m a major sucker for. Elton’s voice is at its best — he’s got a great range here. My favorite song right now is “I Think I’m Gonna Kill Myself” (very funny live vid on the link so take a look). It’s a get-up-and-dance kind of song, but there’s no irony. Loves it.
  • Anton Dvorak – The New World Symphony: Another “album” I was obsessed with in high school coming back in rotation. We heard it in a General Music class and a bunch of us got really into it, so much so that we insisted that the 4th movement be played during our graduation. The version on Rhapsody sucks, but there’s a nice video of a performance of the 4th movement (my fave) on YouTube that actually looks like a modern music video in some ways. That opening may sound familiar…yeah, John Williams couldn’t think of a melody himself if it came out of the water and bit off his head.

Me Wiiing


My other primary distraction from the world has been Mario Kart. One word: SUPERFUN! I love that

there’s old courses on this one, though the only ones I know are the N64 ones. Using the steering wheel is far easier than a joystick. I’m winning most of my Gran Prix races, so I haven’t lost my touch apparently. Then

again, I haven’t started on 150cc yet. I’m a little scared. I’m excited to play online with friends who live far away with their Wiis. Weeeee!!!


I wanted to get another Wii Wheel for guests, but the Target and Best Buy in Eden Prairie were sold out. The Target guy said that more Mario Kart games were made and sent out than wheels. That’s another strike against Nintendo in my book. Hello – that’s simple math! There’s four possible controllers for every Wii, so naturally you need at least four Wii Wheels per copy of the game. I finally found one tonight at Circuit City, though I think it was $5 more there than at Best Buy. Whatever.

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