My afternoon in Hopkins, MN

I had a couple errands to run in downtown Hopkins, Minnesota today.

I started by dropping off some CDs at the library. There, the female security guard tried to kick out an apparently drunk young man. I say “tried” because Even after waiting for her to finish up after five minutes, the dude was still hanging around the doorway. She’d tell him to leave, he’d say he did nothing wrong. She’d ask to see his ID to prove he’s 21 because she saw him with a can of beer, he’d mumble that he didn’t have anything. Drain, rinse, and repeat.

Pretty guitar

Next I walked along Main Street, noting all the old-fashioned window signs adding to the quaintness of the city. I wanted to stop at Bud’s Music Shop, but it was closed. So, I took a pic of a beautiful blue guitar in the window. Mmmmmm….

 I ended up going into the Hopkins Antique Mall — a huge place filled to the brim with some crap, but lots of goodies. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Gay toothbrushes

Gay toothbrushes

I didn’t know he was such a mama’s boy!

“What you don’t know about Liberace” – I didn’t know he was such a mama’s boy! Cute!

Nazi Psychadelia

Um, that is a Nazi symbol, right? I know that it’s also a Hindu symbol, but come on. Were Nazi’s “real disco”?

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    • Heather
    • September 9th, 2008 7:56am

    Man… i do enjoy reading your site. You are really funny… and it is so fun to see so many things that come from my home…the twin cities.

    Hope life is bringing you lots of great stories for old age. :o)


    • shermeen
    • June 25th, 2010 9:14am

    actually its not a nazi symbol. at the angle it is being displayed, it is actually a sign for peace. if you turn it over a couple of degrees though…then it is a nazi symbol

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