Recipe for a successful web conference

1 pound retro glasses
1 teaspoon men in hats
3 packages of surprisingly apt metaphor
5 cups geek humor (dry)
1 tablespoon Star Wars references
3 cups suit jackets over t-shirts
8 cups collages that cover entire slides in PowerPoint
4 cups irrelevant, non-web related content in presentations
1 tablespoon foreign languages used to label types of processes
2 pounds MacBook Pro (fresh)

Stir together geek humor, metaphor, Star Wars references, collages, irrelevant content, and foreign languages in large bowl. Let chill overnight.

Spread MacBook Pro pieces across baking sheet. Sprinkle suit jackets, hats, and retro glasses, leaving some for later. Bake for 15 minutes at 375. Then top with mixture from bowl, sprinkling remaining jackets, hats and retro glasses on top of mixture. Bake another 15 minutes at 375 until golden brown.

Yields 250 servings. A real crowd pleaser!

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  1. Men in hats? What about women? Are the women in suit jackets and hats also?

    • Cary
    • April 21st, 2009 1:08pm

    I saw this on another site.

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