Beatles 09-09-09 Roundup

I started a tumblr account for all my Beatles Rock Band and remasters news and musings.

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  1. Hey there! I’ve got a Beatles Rock Band question for you. I’m a little confused about the different guitars they’re offering (I’ve never played Rock Band at all so forgive me if this is a really simple question). Are the guitars all interchangeable? I mean, could you play “lead” guitar on the Hofner controller, or only bass?

    I’m wondering whether to spring for the deluxe bundle or not. I’d need to buy a guitar anyway, so I’m out at least $160 no matter what. I don’t care *which* guitar I end up with, so if they are interchangeable I’m thinking about getting the deluxe.

    • T. Ruth
    • May 18th, 2009 7:21pm

    A full rock band set up would include a singer, a guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. Normally, the guitar and bass controllers are interchangeable. And although the bundle comes with the Hofner, it appears to be a regular guitar/bass controller (the same buttons are used for both)

    But of course, if you want to have guitar and bass playing at the same time, you’ll need another guitar controller. That’s where the Rickenbacker and Gretsch come in.

    You’ll be out $250 for the bundle, but if you want to play each possible instrument, it’s the best buy. I don’t even know if the drums will be available outside of the bundle. Having each instrument gives the game a longer life.

    And just to clarify (since you haven’t played it, and I don’t know if you’ve played Guitar Hero), there’s just guitar or bass. No lead vs. rhythm guitar. But there’s different levels of complexity..Easy, Medium, Hard, etc. So you work your way up.

    I hope that helps!

  2. Thanks! That was definitely helpful. Now I’m leaning towards getting the bundle, since I’m sure as soon as I start playing I’m going to wish I had the mic or drums.

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