BBC NEWS | Entertainment | BBC TV channels to be put on net

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | BBC TV channels to be put on net:

“A BBC spokesman said the corporation was aiming to simulcast a channel permanently but would restrict it to UK viewers only.”

I figured that would be the case. Let’s hope our little British geek friends will record and promplty bit torrent the shows.

This fact is actually really dumb. I listen to BBC radio nearly every day at work. I can listen on demand from the past week (even farther back I’m sure if I spent more time on the actual websites rather than the radio player) or live. What’s the difference between radio and TV for broadcasting over the internet? Is it simply the taxes Brits pay for BBC TV (don’t they for BBC radio?)? Is it the need to pay more people for a TV show than a radio show?


Still, the BBC is cutting edge once again. When will PBS and NPR follow suit? NPR only has a couple podcasts. Some individual stations have their own podcasts. How much extra money does it really cost to pursue these new mediums? I wouldn’t think much–storage is cheap and the bandwidth is probably already there (or they could incoporate bit torrent).

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