UN in New Orleans?

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“So…my question is…where is the United Nations?”

And it’s a good question at that. I don’t really get behind her last paragraph, mainly because “fartknocker” is a stupid word.

However, by the looks of the UN’s Tsunami Relief page, it would appear that logically speaking–the UN ought to provide aid to the Gulf Coast.

But the difference between UN aid to the Middle East, Africa, Tsunami-ripped nations, and worn-torn European countries and the unlikely UN aid to the United States is money. And lots of it. We are the richest country on earth. Aren’t the UN’s resources best kept in much poorer areas?

Our nation’s richest people and biggest corporations would probably easily provide more resources and money than the UN ever could.

If our country wasn’t at some stupid war, we’d have more service people to help with cleanup and rescue.

We’d have more money to give to these needy people if we were in such debt from said stupid war.

If Bill Gates suddenly lost his mansion and a small portion of his wealth, would you chip in to help him out through his difficult time?

And furthermore, lots of people knew this would happen, especially to New Orleans. I remember watching a program about it on the Travel channel in college–the city planners and levee engineers simply had no foresight or backup plans. New Orleans was doomed due to lack of planning. And the Gulf coast towns wiped out are probably in locations where they shouldn’t have been in the first place. It’s like building a house on the San Adreas fault–some places just aren’t meant to be inhabited. Listen to this audio commentary by a New Orleans inhabitant, explaining the ill-fated city’s history.

I’m not saying these people deserved such destruction, just that it could have been avoided.

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