Ass Backwards – The media’s silence about rampant anal sex. By William Saletan

It’s their own fault.

Not that I ever will, but I don’t ever want to hear a Republican complain about the anal sex stats. The admittance of anal sex has gone up because these fine, Christian young people don’t believe it’s sex. They think it’s a free, ehem, ride, to pleasure with no moral or bodily consequences. I guess when you think that HIV/AIDS is “the gay cancer” or the disease of junkies, you don’t realize that anal sex is really the culprit.

These girls who’ve had a cock up their asses still call themselves virgins. I suppose that coincides with the majority of people’s belief that lesbians are virigins if they’ve never been with a guy.

These are consquences of a lack of sex education in our schools. But the “Right” would never admit that.

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