BBC NEWS | Technology | Nano owners complain about damage

This is probably only the beginning.

People are starting to complain about Apple. And it’s about time. There will always be the Apple enthusiast who believes Jobs can do no wrong [or who has an Apple tattoo, like Cory from BoingBoing], but really–no company is that good. Backlash was bound to happen.

But this isn’t just trend backlash, this is a company who is suddenly making crappy hardware. One of the first crappy hardware instances I heard of was a line of iBooks with the same internal problem (something to do with the ethernet port to the logic board, I think). We’re talking thousands of consumers with totally busted laptops. Too bad Apple Care only lasts 90 days. But more recently, the Mighty Mouse has been heralded, by Leo Laporte namely, as a piece of engineering crap.

And now the Nano. Cute, sleek, and easily destroyed.

The same thing is starting to happen to Google. Their web accelerator was taken off their server like two days after a beta (of course) release due to tons of issues. Google Talk isn’t anything special. They’ve done little with Blogger.

But there will always be Microsoft, making even bigger mistakes until finally, hopefully within the next couple of years–the general public will become so frustrated that they will turn elsewhere. But that will only happen if Apple wises up and allows OSX to be put on non-Macs.

We shall see.

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