That’s the End? Never.

Sometimes I feel like Janet Jackson’s “Miss You Much” is the best song ever recorded.

Shot like an arrow through my heart

That’s the pain I feel

I feel whenever we’re apart

Not to say that I’m in love with you

But who’s to say that I’m not

I just know that it feels wrong,

When I’m away too long

It makes my body hot, so let me tell ya baby


I’ll tell your mama, I’ll tell your friends

I’ll tell anyone

Whose heart can comprehend

Send it in a letter baby

Tell you on the phone

I’m not the kinda girl

Who likes to be alone

I miss ya much (boy-oh-i miss you much)

I really miss you much (m-i-s-s you much)

I miss ya much (boy-oh-i miss you much)

Baby I really miss you much (m-i-s-s you much)

I’m rushing home

Just as soon as I can

I’m rushing home to see

Your smiling face

And feel your warm embrace

It makes f-feel so g-g-g good

So I’ll tell you baby

Repeat chorus

I miss you much

I really really miss you

You much

I miss you much

I’m not ashamed to tell the world

I miss you

Repeat chorus

But really it’s all about the beat. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were unstoppable. Until they stopped, of course.

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  1. That tune is utterly incredible, and I’m not even into that kind of music! I love it!

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