History repeating itself

Swapatorium is a great blog that features antique oddities. This one is particularly poingnant:

Club My-O-My: ”

Found this linen postcard at an estate sale yesterday. It’s for Mr. Pat Waters CLUB MY-O-MY that was located in New Orleans. The title reads, Proudly Presents the World’s Most Beautiful Boys in Women’s Attire, UNIQUE, UNUSUAL. A Google search turned up this info:

The original My-O-My Club was located in the no man’s land between Orleans and Jefferson Parishes called West End, where it was built on a pier on the lake itself, thus helping to insure its safety from homophobic law enforcers. And this was in the fifties, before the ubiquity of air conditioning, so the lake location and the rustic nature of the place itself, with screening all around it, insured a breeze but also gave the place a real roadside dive quality which added to the nefarious excitement for tourists going on buses to see something naughty. The club was one of the very first of its kind in the country, with the exception of Finocchio’s in San Francisco. A hurricane finally leveled it. “

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